Frequently Asked Questions for Renters

Yes, Russell RentsTM is a division of Russell Equipment. It offers a full selection of late-model OEM material handling equipment for rent and re-rental as part of our national re-rental operation. Our primary focus is to partner with and assist forklift dealers and construction rental operations in filling missed rental opportunities. We offer all major brands of forklifts, including hard to find units, while affording the renting dealer margin in the transaction. Pricing programs include short and long-term pricing, pre-mounted truck and attachment combinations, and rental purchase options.

While we are happy to provide you a hauling quote from our nationwide list of freight providers, a re-renter may provide their own hauler.

Re-renting is a risk-free alternative to capitalizing rental inventory during regular or challenging times. Re-renting allows you to service a variety of customers, grow new markets, hold sales orders, or fill orders when you do not own or are out of specific equipment. Re-renting offers the benefits of ownership with none of the investment. Russell RentsTM is a valuable source where quality, selection, knowledge, and trust intersect.

Russell RentsTM does not charge for the time a unit is picked up, delivered, and eventually returned. This includes the time it takes to stand up, knock down large order pickers, and reach trucks. Our contract aligns with your billing dates to eliminate invoicing for those times the re-renter is not invoicing their customer. We customarily allow up to three days to return a rental unit but are flexible depending on circumstances.

The re-renter is required to perform basic maintenance based on the manufacturer’s requirements (every three months or 250 hours) and small repairs at their cost. Any more significant repairs are pre-quoted at a discounted parts and shop rate to Russell RentsTM by the re-renter. Once agreed upon, we will issue a purchase order to the re-renters’ service department that will complete the repair.

No claim is made to the exclusive right to use “RENTS” apart from the mark as shown.