Rental Programs

Rental Programs

Russell Equipment is fast and flexible when it comes to your rental needs. Our fleet consists of material handling equipment classes 1-5 with capacities ranging from 3,000 to 55,000 pounds. 

Dealer Re-rental Program

If you are an OEM or independent dealer in need of a rental that you do not have in stock, Russell RentsTM here to help at reasonable rates to ensure you have the room to be price and quality competitive while making the margin you need.

Our fleet consists of a large selection of core and hard to find late model, major OEM brands allowing you to place the product of your choosing at your customer’s location. This flexibility enables you to provide a seamless transition between the re-rental and your own product. Our equipment is not branded or decaled, which also allows you to maintain complete oversight and control of your customers without our involvement or presence throughout the process.

Rental Programs
Rental Programs

Quality assurances Russell Rents provides:

  • Equipment will arrive with paint in a clean, like-new condition, free of chips and scuffs.
  • Wearables will be in good condition, free of any blemishes that prevent reliable and safe operations.
  • All units are tested upon arrival to our facility and are entirely serviced before they go back out.
  • All units are tested again immediately before shipment to protect against last-minute mechanical issues.

General Rental Options

Short-Term or Same Day Rentals: Between one day and one year.

Long-Term Rentals: Greater than one year, offered at reduced rates.

Rent-to-Own: All assets in our fleet are available on a rent-to-own program if your need exists. Please contact us for details and consultation in creating a term and cost structure that is appropriate for you and your company.

No claim is made to the exclusive right to use “RENTS” apart from the mark as shown.

Rental Programs
Our process to re-rent well-maintained, late-model equipment, attachments, batteries, and pre-mounted attachments is as easy as contacting us at 800-580-8184 or via email.

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