Rental Process - ES

Imagen de  Rental Process - ES
Imagen de Rental Process - ES
Rental Process - ES

Russell Rents is a top choice that OEM dealers turn to when searching for basic or hard to find material products to re-rent at competitive prices while allowing the dealer to make a normalized rate of return. Re-renting eliminates the need for capital investment, supplements inventory shortages, hold sales orders, eliminates missed rentals, and can develop new markets.

Our Process

  • Provide needed specs
  • Choose from available units and re-rental pricing
  • Transportation discussion and decision
  • Deal finalized
  • Unit ships
Rental Process - ES
Rental Process - ES

Quality assurances Russell Rents provides:

  • Equipment will arrive with paint in a clean, like-new condition, free of chips and scuffs.
  • Wearables will be in good condition, free of any blemishes that prevent reliable and safe operations.
  • All units are tested upon arrival to our facility and are entirely serviced before they go back out.
  • All units are tested again immediately before shipment to protect against last-minute mechanical issues.

Join the list of clients who continuously thank us for being informative, resourceful, and easy to work with. We welcome any opportunities; all conversations and transactions with Russell Rents are strictly confidential.

Rental Process - ES
Our process to re-rent well-maintained, late-model equipment, attachments, batteries, and pre-mounted attachments is as easy as contacting us at 800-580-8184 or via email.

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